Dakota Digital Answers Your Setup, Calibration, And Warranty FAQs

We’ve all heard the saying, “There is nothing new under the sun.” That statement is very true when it comes to questions as well. Chances are, if someone has a question, it’s not the first time that particular question has ever been asked. That becomes explicitly true when you are part of the sales and tech team for an innovative and popular company such as Dakota Digital. Many questions asked of the Dakota Digital staff have been asked many times before and we felt this was a great time to address some of them here.

The team at Dakota Digital has been building electronic instrumentation systems for muscle cars, hot rods, street trucks, and motorcycles for over three decades. The staff has a vast knowledge of building accurate instrumentation and have answered literally thousands of questions over the years. As mentioned, some of those questions have been asked several times. As such, they rank highly on the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) meter. Dakota Digital also has a listing of videos on the company’s website that might answer some questions you might have, as well as help you install and set up your gauges once you receive them. But first, here are a few questions from Dakota Digital’s FAQs that may help you decide which Dakota Digital gauges are perfect for you.

Q: Can Dakota Digital repair OEM digital gauges?

A: Unfortunately, Dakota Digital cannot repair OEM digital gauges. You will likely need to have them repaired or replaced by the manufacturer. However, Dakota Digital may be able to build you a custom set of gauges into your original bezel and housing. And, unlike the OEM gauges, Dakota Digital can add features such as a tachometer and modern features such as thin-film-transistor (TFT) screens, which are a variant of a liquid-crystal display that uses thin-film-transistor technology. Call (800) 593-4160 and ask for the custom shop for more information.

Dakota Digital C10 gauges

Dakota Digital doesn’t rebuild OEM gauges, but it can build a set of gauges to match your vehicle’s design perfectly.

Q: Will I be able to see the gauges during the day?

A: As long as you stick to the standard colors (blue or teal), daylight visibility is very good. For the best visibility, it is recommended to use the teal display, especially for convertible applications. In terms of the VHX, HDX, and RTX Series of analog/digital instrument systems, they offer excellent daytime and nighttime visibility in any backlight color.

Dakota Digital gauge colors

Dakota Digital’s RTX and HTX gauges feature user-selectable lighting colors that can be color-matched to your car’s interior colors and allow for easier viewing. Other Dakota Digital gauges offer lighting colors that are set up to the customer’s preferences at the factory.

Q: Will the speedometer be accurate?

A: Dakota Digital speedometers can be calibrated for nearly any tire/gearing combination. Once the gauges are installed, you will calibrate them for your combination using a simple push-button calibration routine.

Q: How high will the Dakota Digital speedometer go?

A: Dakota Digital speedometers can read up to 199 or 255mph (KPH) depending upon the model. The VHX, HDX, and RTX instrument systems will read up to 120, 140, or 160mph and up to 255mph displayed in the digital information center.

Q: If I disconnect my battery will I lose my odometer reading and settings?

A: The odometer reading and settings will be saved in hard memory, so disconnecting the battery will not affect anything. It is also recommended that you make sure your battery is fully charged when re-starting the vehicle in the spring.

Q: Is it possible to put my vehicle’s odometer reading on the Dakota Digital gauges?

A: Dakota Digital gauges come from the factory at zero miles unless you specify you want the odometer set to a particular reading. Dakota Digital can set the odometer on the digital gauges to a specific mileage reading. It must be done at the factory and there is a $20 charge (plus return shipping) for this service. If you do not specify you want your odometer preset, it will be shipped from the factory at zero miles.

Dakota Digital setup

Certain Dakota Digital gauges can be user-adjusted using the Dakota Digital App.

The RTX, HDX, VHX, VFD3, and RET-series instruments and certain motorcycle products now allow for user-programmable mileage to be set one time during the initial setup. This must be done before 100 miles. If this is not done, or set incorrectly, the control box will need to be returned for service and a $20 service charge will apply.

Q: Are Dakota Digital gauges reliable?

A: Dakota Digital has been manufacturing reliable gauge assemblies since 1986 and has tens of thousands of units on the road. Feedback from its customers has allowed for continued improvements, making Dakota Digital products the best they can be. The warranty on items purchased from Dakota Digital will vary depending on the item purchased. Full gauge systems (Items with part numbers starting “STR, VFD, RET, VHX, HDX, and RTX”) are typically covered by a lifetime warranty, for the life of the vehicle, against manufacturer’s defects. Individual automotive gauges and all motorcycle products are typically covered for 24 months from the date of purchase.

Q: Where can I get my set of Dakota Digital gauges?

A: If you’re wanting to install a great-looking set of gauges in your ride, you’ll want to speak with Dakota Digital’s sales staff to get the process moving as quickly as possible. Dakota Digital has a Dealer Locator on its website that will get you connected quickly and easily. The company’s Contact Us page also has links and a form you can fill out for technical, or any other questions you might have.

Check out the company’s broad scope of offerings and you’ll surely find a set of gauges that will look great in your ride.

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